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CEBU or “Computer Enthusiasts and Builders United” is a non-profit Computer Group / LAN Party group consisting of computer hardware enthusiasts, gamers, modders and overclockers in Cebu, Philippines. The group originated from iStorya.net’s Computer Hardware group, first called “iRig”, made by its active forum members, discussions and readers. In the following months, the group renamed to “Computer Enthusiasts and Builders United (CEBU)”. First earned its public recognition on October 25, 2010, the group remains to be active in social gatherings, school activities, conventions and remains to be the premier LAN Party scene in Cebu, Philippines.

The group can be considered as the spiritual successor of BFWGaming, a gaming group in Cebu, founded in 2004 and a few of its members now is with CEBU.

To provide a Utopia to individuals who share the same interest and passion for computer hardware, Software, PC gaming, Lan Party, and Fun.

Group was established OCTOBER 25, 2010.



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