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We all want to have fun; we tend to look for it in all possible places. We look for fun with friends, we look for in games, and especially we look for fun by finding a hobby. That’s what happened last October 25, 2014, Saturday; Cebu Computer Enthusiasts and Builders United had fun at ARCHCon 2014.

ARCHCon, which stands for: Anime, Role-playing games, Comics, and Hobbies Convention. This event has shown bright in Cebu for already eleven (11) years and has never shied away from bringing the fun and excitement to hobbyists all over Cebu. It’s an event worth looking forward to every year by numerous people. From cosplayers, to toy or figure collectors, and even the Computer Builders or “Rig” Builders of Cebu, would find their way to this event just to show the people that our hobbies would make us happy.

Now speaking of Rig Builders, I am here to talk about the fun they have to bring to the plate of ARCHCon. These Computer Enthusiasts who enjoy building extraordinarily custom gaming computers from the tiny but mighty, to the towering and thundering, are what some people came to see and put up during ARCHCon. The group that was featured here was the Computer Enthusiasts and Builders United, C.E.B.U. in short, with 26 members participating and putting their computer rigs on display; not just to show off but to show us that building a computer takes passion and even dedication to the hobby.

cebu computer enthusiast

ARCHCon had its own set of competitions for the day and Computer Enthusiasts and Builders United ( C.E.B.U. ) had their own competitions added to this itinerary. These competitions were categorized by the rig’s own “Tower Size” and were classified as such: Best in Full Tower, Best in Mid Tower, Best in Mini Tower, Best in Micro Tower, and Best in Looks.

cebu rigs micro tower

Best in Micro Tower – BJ Bentulan

cebu rigs best in looks

Best in Looks – Paolo Lequigan

cebu rigs mini tower

Best in Mini Tower – JR Villa

cebu rigs full tower

Best in Full Tower – Paolo Lequigan

cebu mid tower

Best in Mid Tower – Marc Cruz

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