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LAN Party Guide

Pre-event / Pre-ingress

  • You are required to have Steam installed and updated in your PC. Updated drivers, Windows Installations, .Net Frameworks and DirectX versions are obligated to be updated in your PCs as well.


  • A chaperone will most likely be needed to transport the equipment from the ingress gates to the event venue. Trolleys will help.
  • Secure trash bags to cover your equipment from dust over the ingress night.
  • You can carry with you your peripherals.
  • Hydration is something to be cared of in these times.
  • Your privacy matters – participants are obliged (but not required) to surrender their Windows Login passwords to the CEBU Game Masters. Pre-installation of games will be done by the Game Masters the next morning, under strict monitoring to ensure your privacy. This is done to avoid or cut down time-consuming game installations.

Event day

  • Internet connection is tentatively available.
  • Try to avoid copying files over the network to reduce network congestion.
  • Should an internet connection be provided to the participants, please exercise courtesy to the rest of the participants when consuming bandwidth.
  • Temporarily disable your firewall and anti-viruses, this helps the game installation less problematic.
  • Observe cleanliness.
  • You can carry or hide with you your peripherals. But it is recommended you keep your peripherals in place for the rig judging.
  • Lunch and snacks is better off done in groups and batches.
  • Play the games! You might win something as scores are recorded.
  • Watch the events when there’s nothing to do.


  • Some exit gates will be available for egress, but the only egress gate is the one facing Luzon Avenue.
  • Make sure to take every gear you have, including peripherals, boxes, cables.

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