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in no particular order:

  • Team Fortress 2 – PropHunt
  • Killing Floor
  • Unreal Tournament 2004


Date Day Time To-do Duration
October 24, 2014 Friday 10:00 PM Gather or wait for Ingress. Get your ID from respective CEBU officers; Please surrender your passwords for game installation; Exit immediately after setup and scrum
October 25, 2014 Saturday 8:00 AM Entry to Ayala (bring your ID and be on proper attire if you want to go in at 8AM; 9AM if your attire of choice)
10:00 AM Game 1 2 hours
12:00 PM Lunch 1 hour
1:00 PM Game 2 2 hours
3:00 PM Free time and rig judging (watch the activities on stage!) 2 hours
5:00 PM Awarding and raffles! 1 hour
6:00 PM Dinner! 1 hour
7:00 PM Game 3 1 hour and 30 minutes
8:30 PM You can start packing up and ready for exit!
9:00 PM Egress; exit Ayala. Afterpartehhh! (where?). Thank you for coming and participating in ARCHcon 2014!
11:00 PM No one should be in the area anymore at these times!

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