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ARCHcon 2014 is partnering with Computer Enthusiasts and Builders United (CEBU) on its 3rd year which is going to be held on October 25, 2014, at the Activity Center of Ayala Center Cebu.

LAN Party Participants are required to follow a few rules and perform their responsibilities.

General Rules and Regulations


  • Ayala’s gates for ingress opens as early as 10 PM in the evening. Participants who will be going to the ingress with taxis can wait in the entrance as early as those times and unload their gear while waiting for the go signal by CEBU Officers to enter the mall. Those who will be bringing vehicles though will have to gather in the Negros Avenue – Luzon Avenue Intersection near Maybank/Megaworld as early as 10 PM as ingress for the LAN Party participants will be consolidated to avoid congested the ingress road.
  • Park where appropriate for those who are bringing vehicles as the ingress gate road is high of vehicular traffic to avoid any conflict with Ayala Center’s security detail.
  • Wear pants, shirts and shoes. Ayala Center Cebu will not grant you entry to the premises if you do not follow the proper ingress dress codes.
  • Participants must request and secure their IDs from any of the CEBU Officers as this is required to enter the mall. Chaperones are to be registered by a designated CEBU Officer for security.
  • Do not drag your equipment over the mall floors. Use trolleys if possible or worse, carry them. Although there will be some officers who will be bringing their trolleys.
  • You are allotted a minimum space of 1 meter wide. While spacing is not strictly enforced, we do encourage everyone to use extra space with discretion.
  • Boxes should be kept below the tables or storage areas. For the storage areas, please ask a CEBU Officer for directions to the area.
  • Upon completion of ingress and setup, do not leave the place until a final pre-event scrum (meeting) has been initiated. Keep an eye of your belongings from pre-ingress until the end of the scrum.

Event day

  • You are not required to be in the LAN Party area for the entire day but you are encouraged to stay for the games, keep an eye of your belongings and watch the events on stage. However, a schedule will be followed for those who will be present in the area.
  • However, you are required to be in the awarding period or a disqualification of any title and prizes will be revoked to the awardee.
  • No food or alcoholic drinks in the LAN Party area.
  • The LAN Party area follows a strict “No ID, No Entry” policy. For participants who have guests who wish to allow entry to the area, please seek help to acquire a guest pass from any of the CEBU Officers. Each participant is allowed to have a maximum 2 guests.
  • No dress code on the event day, but dress appropriately.
  • Public display of pornographic or ultra-violent materials is strictly not allowed.
  • You are required to pack your things in preparation for egress once the go signal is given, usually when the network lines are cut off at a specific period of time.
  • You are not allowed to exit the venue with your equipment (excluding peripherals), in the middle of the event as not only it is discouraged, Ayala Center’s security detail will not allow you to.


  • You can pack your equipment as early as 8:30 PM and leave as soon as the officers announce that the gates are clear for egress. However, you must leave the area up until 11 PM.
  • Exit points for egress may vary depending on Ayala’s Security detail. Please confirm with the rest if some exits are allowed. Else, the only egress gate is the same as the ingress gate.
  • You and your equipment are not allowed to stay in the area past 11 PM.

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