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Computer enthusiasts and Builders United ( C.E.B.U )have their way of creating explosively fun and great parties. They initially rent a place or go to their friend’s huge crib then they bring tables, chairs, table covers, Ethernet cables (lots of them), 5.1 surround speakers (preferably), extension wires (still lots of them), routers, and most importantly their gaming computers. This is what we call Local-Area-Network or also known as, in the community, LAN PARTIES!

Gamers gather, a lots of drinks… yeah you read it right: alcohol drinks (not too good with minors who joined in the party). Well it depends on the place but what the heck. Booze booya! And don’t forget meals, pizzas, and there’s more to choose from. Mainly, the party wouldn’t be called as a LAN Party if you don’t bring your computers to play all day long and foods with beverages to survive this great party. Pull off an all-nighter and you don’t even have to sleep as most of the fun starts at night.

Recently, Computer Enthusiast & Builders United ( C.E.B.U ) had hosted the first ever classic LAN Party this year. There were decent amount of members joined in; sadly we didn’t get to have our proud president Luis “Pikoy” Picornell since he’s pretty much away due to some preparation of his glorious wedding (congrats Pikoy!). The LAN Party happened April 25 at Hungry Na Me restaurant. I, personally, joined the party. All I can say the food was great. Paying Php. 300.00 was worth it and especially the fun from 12PM to 2AM (April 26).

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Decent amount of games were played started with STAR WARS: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy. Feliciano and Dre were dominating the scene but got owned in the next team game Unreal Tournament 2004 on Capture-the-Flag mode. The popular zombie-coop wave survival game KILLING FLOOR was next. Unfortunately, I got to join the last game but it was surely lively for the others with lots of screaming and hearing “BOY UTOG” and “trueAndyGo” names out loud. But the most fantastic full-of-laughter tenacity was Team Fortress 2 – Hide&Seek Mod! The experience with the game was actually fun than any other multiplayer mode I’ve ever played. It’s actually enjoyable when you play it with a lot of people. In the end, the games were mindblowingly entertaining. I personally wished there were more people who should have joined in.

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This is how LAN Parties should be. Fun, lots of people, hopefully next time with a stable internet connection, enjoyable games to play, and more importantly great interaction. In LAN Parties we get to know our fellow gamers and group members without thinking about rules, schedules, and dress codes like on events. The Hungry Na Me – C.E.B.U Lan Party was more than 100% successful and we are glad to see some new and old faces who joined in the bandwagon of fun!

Next time!”

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