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Who says they can’t have a comeback?! It’s another fun filled experience for the members of the Computer Enthusiasts and Builders United (C.E.B.U.) at University of San Carlos – Technological Center. The computer group returned for more of their campus visits during the Department of Computer Science’s – ICT EXPO, but this time with a little more “class”. The event circled around the creativity of the students within the Dynamic Communcation Society (DYNACOM). Like previewing their works on art, and multimedia AKA Pahulagway 2015.

The computer gaming group showcased eight (8) Rigs, and three (3) gaming Laptops last Thursday, September 08, 2015 until Friday, September 09, 2015 at the Bunzel Building Lobby. The computer group even had some free-play of their Xbox unit, courtesy of Andy Go from Cebu Appliance Center, as usual and some of the owners of the rigs actually had some students use their rigs.
Though the group didn’t have a “Tech Talk” this time around but they were still open for some small Q&A and even small talk amongst computer gamers and computer enthusiasts a like. The event was full of students and a lot of clamoring about what the rigs were made of and who owned what during the event. The members were more than happy to tell them what their rigs essential parts costed, and how their rigs performed at their best every day.
The event wouldn’t have been possible without the invitation made by the Dynamic Communcation Society (DYNACOM) of Computer Science Department. Lastly, we would also like to thank our sponsors:

1. Cebu Appliance Center
2. MSI
3. Zotac
4. OCZ

Thank you for your continuing support and may we all grow together with the technology we all so love.

See computer rig set-up https://vimeo.com/138400833


Computer Rigs

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